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(Serves 16 – 20 people; Pick up to 8 Flavors)  32 Half Hot or Cold Sandwiches Add Side Saddle Salad for $6 per person Add Kale Salad for $7 per person Add a Cup of Vegan Sweet Potato Chili for $5 per person GLUTEN-FREE BREAD CHARGE - $1.00 per half sandwich

Cold Options:

• The Hungry, Hungry Hippie (V)hummus/ red pepper/ arugula/ avocado/ tomato/ cucumber/ red onion/ goddess dressing on six-grain
• The Peaceful Warrior (A, D)turkey/ swiss/ arugula/ red pepper/ mango chutney/ curry spread on pretzel bread
• The Daybreaker (A, D)chicken/ monterey jack cheese / spring mix/ avocado/red onion/ honey mustard/ miso mayo on six-grain
• The BLT (V)tempeh bacon/ romaine/ tomato/ stone ground mustard/ mayo on lightly toasted sourdough. Add avocado-2.50
• The TLC (A)Locali-made wild caught, dolphin-safe tuna salad/ mixed greens/ tomato with a drizzle of balsamic on six-grain.
• The Wilshire (A, D)turkey/ tempeh bacon/ swiss cheese/ avocado/ romaine/ tomato/stone ground mustard/ chipotle sauce

Hot Options:

• The Reuben (Made Vegan, Vegetarian...or with Turkey by request)marinated vegan deli slices/vegan cheese or swiss cheese/ sauerkraut/ Locali-made vegan russian dressing on rye
• The Georgia Blonde (A, D)turkey/ swiss/ red cabbage slaw/ vegan thousand island/ vegan creamy dill dressing/stone ground mustard on sourdough
• The Fugeddaboudit (A, D)smoked chicken/ monterey jack/artichoke tapenade/tomato/herbs & seasonings on sourdough
• The Wayward Pilgrim (A, D)turkey/ swiss/ crushed walnuts/ spinach/ red onion/ raspberry jam/ honey mustard on six-grain
• The Silverfin (A, D)Locali-made wild caught, dolphin-safe tuna salad/monterey jack cheese/ tomato on rye
• The Franklin Phenomenon(A, D)turkey/ monterey jackcheese/ spinach/ tomato/red onion slathered with our chipotle sauce on pretzel bread
• The Bourgeoischeese (V or Vg)Swiss or vegan cheese/spinach/ tempeh bacon/ red onion/ balsamic vinaigrette drizzled on six-grain bread
• The Vernon (V)vegan buffalo chicken/vegan cheddar/sourdough bread